Compensation for client struck by falling object on public premises

Brigid O’Donnell, Solicitor, was delighted to achieve a significant settlement for a client who suffered injuries when struck by a falling object at a retail premises
  • Our client suffered nasty injuries when he was struck by a falling object while  present as a customer at a retail premises.

    He suffered a nasty laceration to his shin which was complicated by repeated wound infections. He was an unfortunate candidate for an accident of this nature given his pre-existing autoimmune condition. The repeated infections led to a flare up of his pre-existing condition. The Personal Injuries Resolution Board assessment did not reflect the gravity of his injuries.

    His case settled without the necessity for a court appearance within weeks of issuing proceedings.

    He recovered appropriate compensation for his pain and suffering, together with all of his out of pocket expenses. His legal costs were discharged by the retailer’s insurers.

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