Significant settlement for client who required amputation due to GP Negligence

Brigid O’Donnell Solicitors recently negotiated our first significant settlement in a medical negligence claim.
Our client suffered life changing injuries due to GP negligence. He presented with many red flags in keeping with an ischemic event, affecting his right leg, caused by peripheral vascular disease in July. His GP failed to refer him for further investigations. In November, he again experienced pain in his right foot and right calf. He presented with his GP for treatment but was only referred to A & E two days later when he presented with a ‘freezing cold’ right foot. The foot was red and inflamed. He was referred to A & E for further investigations and was immediately referred to the care of a Consultant Vascular Surgeon. Unfortunately, despite Trojan efforts by the Surgeon who treated him, his arterial wall was so thickened that it was very difficult to even identify a lumen – i.e. the channel through which blood flows. Attempts to salvage the lower limb failed and he ultimately underwent two amputations.
  • Liability and Causation

    Expert evidence secured on behalf of the Plaintiff established breach of duty on the part of the GP – ie that the care afforded to our client by his GP fell below the standard of care expected of a GP, acting with ordinary care, if faced with the same set of circumstances at the same moment in time. It was also established that the Plaintiff’s condition would, on the balance of probabilities have been treated by conservatively had he been referred for vascular opinion in July when his symptoms arose- that is, on the balance of probabilities, he would not have required amputation and the limb would have been salvaged. The case was fully contested. The final settlement included compensation for both past and future pain and suffering, care costs, costs for prostheses (to include prostheses which facilitate water sports which he loves) and home adaptation costs. While our client has been left with life-changing injuries, the compensation achieved will allow him to live his life more comfortably and the financial stressors he experienced since his amputation have been alleviated.
    A job well done.

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